Kindergarten Experience

Kindergarten Experience

The first year is an important one for the development of positive attitudes and behaviors. We want to create an atmosphere where our children learn to live Jewish values and experience the many facets of Judaism with excitement and enthusiasm.

The kindergarten program at the Polsky Religious School is designed to meet both academic and social goals. For many students, it is a first introduction to formal Jewish education in the synagogue.

Our experienced kindergarten teachers use a variety of teaching methods to reinforce the concepts being taught. Classes are interactive, with many hands-on projects.

Kindergarten classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30am until noon.  During the kindergarten year, your child will learn:

  • Hebrew – Intro to Hebrew letters, classroom Hebrew use
  • Tefillah – prayer experience will emphasize prayers for Shabbat, holidays and basic blessings for holidays and food (Motzi, Sh’ma, Ma Tovu, Ma Nishtana) and Sunday morning services.
  • Holidays – calendar cycle, symbols and holiday foods, including Shabbat, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Purim, and Passover.
  • Torah – central text and story, teachings about our ancestors, including basic Genesis/Exodus narratives.
  • History/Culture – projects and classroom activities to develop an awareness and appreciation for the State of Israel
  • Ethics/Mitzvoth – Children will be introduced to the concept of one G-d who created everything and then rested on Shabbat, including how mitzvoth and prayer connect us to G-d.
  • Synagogue – students will interact with the clergy and become familiar with places inside the synagogue
  • Family programs – include weekly worship services
  • Fine Arts program – including art, music and library

For more information, please contact Civia White, Director of Youth & Family Education.


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