Mi Shebeirakh List

Mi Shebeirakh List

One of the most important services we provide for our congregation is to be able to give spiritual and emotional support to those who are suffering from illnesses.

Current List

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  • Please enter the person's name, both English and Hebrew (if known) plus any details for the ritual staff and clergy.

New Mi Shebeirakh Listing Process

 Those wishing to list the name of a loved one for longer than the allotted 60 days should contact the Ritual Coordinator at 913-647-7281, or make a note of the request in the form.  If we do not receive contact information for the person requesting that a name goes on the MiShebeirakh list, the ill person’s name will not be listed for longer than 60 days.

Forms submitted on this website should be completed in full (including your contact information) in case we need any clarification. It is our intention at Beth Shalom to make sure that every person in need of spiritual and/ or physical healing be remembered through prayer, and we look forward to working with you to reach that goal.

Current Mi Shebeirakh List

It is traditional to make a donation wishing for the speedy recovery of a friend or loved one on the list.

Date and Hebrew Name
7/17/2019 Avraham Meir ben Miriam
7/31/2019 Tzirel Fayge bat Yehudit Sora
8/16/2019 Karin bat Beverly
8/17/2019 Elka Frayda bat Miriam Sara
8/19/2019 Yisrael ben Gittle
11/6/2020 Yenta Miriam bat Rivka
11/6/2020 Miriam bat Chava
6/21/2021 Leah bat Rivka
7/7/2021 Rachel Zelda
7/22/2021 Zalmon ben Chana
7/23/2021 Zev Maier ben Benyamin
7/26/2021 Aaron Yudel ben Dinka
7/29/2021 Shayna Liat bat Chaya Leora
7/29/2021 Rachel bat Masha Ronia
8/6/2021 Leibah bat Bilah
8/12/2021 Jill Quinn
8/16/2021 Esser Loeb ben Velval Chan
8/19/2021 Chaika bat Chayim Yechiel
8/19/2021 Esther Bat Yehudit
8/23/2021 Aryeh ben Haya
9/1/2021 Chaim Ben Bayla
9/9/2021 Lori Suddarth
9/13/2021 Ben Tzion Chaym ben Pessa Chaika
9/13/2021 Sarah Kayla bat Chava
9/14/2021 Nata Suri bat Sheyndel
9/23/2021 Peninah bat Brucha
9/23/2021 Shakhna ben Leah
9/24/2021 Lipman Pinchas ben Liba
10/4/2021 Lyba bat Shulka
10/14/2021 Marge Brodkin
10/18/2021 Ilana yafa bat Avigail Rachael 
10/22/2021 Rifka bat Berol
10/26/2021 Marion ben Laib
10/27/2021 Moshe Herschel ben Rivka v’ Chaim
11/4/2021 Zavdiel ben Malka
11/8/2021 Shepsel ben Kalel Rivka
11/10/2021 Caten Goldstein
11/10/2021 Linda Byrd
11/10/2021 Tzvi ben Avraham v’Yehudit
11/11/2021 Malca Bayla bat Chana Sura
11/12/2021 Miriam bat Avraham
11/12/2021 Sarah Miriam bat Aaron v’Chaya
11/18/2021 Aryeleb Ben Sarah Henya 
11/18/2021 Leah bat Motel Avraham v Etka
11/19/2021 Elana Rivka bat Chana Miriam
11/19/2021 Hannah bat Kefirah
11/29/2021 Shmuel ben Miriam
12/6/2021 Sorah bat Eliazar v’ Esther
12/8/2021 Schmuel
12/15/2021 Rachel Zelda bat Shmuel v’Chayah Rivkah
12/16/2021 Isabelle Haarhoff
12/16/2021 Razel Hannah bat Malkah
12/27/2021 Simon ben Bhorapkar
12/27/2021 Chaya Li bat Shmuel Yitzhak

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