Vigil for Israel

Their heart cried out to the Lord.  

O wall of Fair Zion,  

Shed tears like a torrent Day and night!  

Give yourself no respite, Your eyes no rest. 

Lamentations 2:18 

Our hearts are torn as we see the relentless rocket attacks on Israel this week from Hamas’ leadership in Gaza.  Thousands of rockets have been launched on civilian areas throughout Israel targeting Jews, Christians, Muslim, and Druze indiscriminately. 

In addition to the rocket attacks, there has been mob violence in numerous Israeli cities with civilian Jews attacking civilian Arabs, and civilian Arabs attacking civilian Jews. 

We cry for the innocent Israeli, Israeli Arab, and Palestinian families whose family members have been taken during this week of violence.   

We pray for healing for all those who have been injured and pray for comfort for the bereaved. 

This is a confusing, sad and difficult time. We are here to listen and be there for you. Please contact the synagogue if you’d like to speak with staff or clergy.    

Rabbi David M. Glickman 

Hazzan Tahl Ben-Yehuda 

The Staff and the Board of Directors of Congregation Beth Shalom

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