Mazal Tov!

Linzi Michelle Oppenheimer and Jacob Austin Brown Engagement Announcement

They have lovingly planned a wedding in Kansas City in May 2024.

Natalie Luna Sher

Mazel tov to Stephen & Rachel Sher on the birth of their daughter Natalie Luna Sher. Stephen & Rachel are also the parents of Devin. Grandparents are Linda House and the late Harold House (z”l ) of Overland Park, Michael and Julie Sher of Wylie, Texas, Denise Sher of Oceanside, California. Great-grandparents are Susan Sher of Las Vegas, Nevada and Philip Gianni and Brigitte Plumb of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Noa Wang Ross

Mazal Tov to Ben & Faye Ross of Chicago on the birth of their daughter Noa Wang Ross. Ben & Faye are also the parents of Adina. Grandparents are Miles & Sally Ross of Overland Park and Jishan & Ying Wang of Shenxian, Shandong, China

Remy Richard Reichman

Remy Richard Reichman was born on September 3rd, 2022 to Elizabeth Erenberg & Michael Reichman, in York, PA.  Remy has an older brother, Robin Robert Reichman.  Proud grandparents are Nancy & Allan Reichman and Phil Erenberg of Studio City, CA and the late Robin Erenberg.

Jonah Bryan Daniels

Jeff and Leah Daniels announce the birth of their son, Jonah Bryan Daniels (Yonah Yam) on August 12, 2022. Proud grandparents are Cindy and Rob Daniels and Dena and Quentin Cole.

Briella Mae Wajcman

Briella Mae Wajcman was born on August 12, 2022. She is the daughter of Shira Wajcman and Michael Wajcman (z”l), and the sister of Jeremiah, Eitan and Samantha Wajcman. Briella is also the granddaughter of Toba and Stephen Maslan, Rochelle Wajcman and Simon Wajcman.

July 23, 2022

Aufruf for Sam Adams and Nicole Du

Congratulations to you both on your upcoming wedding! 

So proud of our own, Rabbi David Glickman! So lucky others will get the benefit of his wisdom!

Gabriella Antes
       Daughter of Jeremy and Danielle Antes
Harrison Barrer
       Son of Sam and Katie Barrer
Adam Berenbom
       Son of Michael and Mollie Berenbom
Micah Berger
       Daughter of Aaron and Erin Berger
Nella Caruba
       Daughter of Benjamin and Brittany Caruba
Stella Chopp
       Daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Chopp
Jack Cohn
       Son of Louis and Mika Cohn
Noah Cohn
       Son of Louis and Mika Cohn
Miles Coppaken
       Son of Jeffrey and Blaine Coppaken
Scarlett Fineman
       Daughter of Michael and Lindsay Fineman
Zoey Finnigan
       Daughter of Tim and Erin Finnigan
Eli Gale
       Son of Derek and Amy Gale
Gabriel Gerson
       Son of Trevor and Katie Gerson
Hannah Goldfarb
       Daughter of Joshua and Sara Goldfarb
Avery Jones
       Daughter of Kevin and Debra Jones
Theodore Katz
       Son of Seth and Rachel Katz
Ethan Kolb
       Son of Michael and Maggie Kolb
Lauren Kricsfeld
       Daughter of Michael and Megan Kricsfeld
Victoria Kroll
       Daughter of Jessica and Aaron Kroll
Eli Langert
       Son of Joshua and Leah Langert

Henry (Hank) Lebowitz
       Son of Joshua and Alexis Lebowitz
Lucy Lebowitz
       Daughter of Joshua and Alexis Lebowitz
Grant Levy
       Son of Steven and Elizabeth Levy
Adley Miller
       Daughter of Neil and Alexis Miller
Marah Nussbaum
       Daughter of Jered and Corey Nussbaum
Léonie Osman
       Daughter of Daniel and Lindsey Osman
Luna Ross
       Daughter of Nathan and Ashley Ross
Noah Salazar
       Son of Adrian and Jennifer Salazar
Ava Schifman
       Daughter of Gabriel Schifman and Aaron Waggie
Noah Schifman
       Son of Gabriel Schifman and Aaron Waggie
Sadie Schlozman
       Daughter of Jake and Jennifer Schlozman
Nathan Silver
       Son of Lawrence Silver and Renee Polsky-Silver
Carmel Silverman
       Son of Golan Silverman and Emily Hirsekorn
Jackson Stein
       Son of Louis and Carly Stein
Adam Susman
       Son of Scott and Sharon Susman
Anna Waldberg
       Daughter of Mitchell Waldberg and Elvira Malafeeva
Weslyn Warshawsky
       Daughter of Brady Warshawsky and Jamie Katz
Benjamin Weisberg
       Son of Alec and Emily Weisberg
Ryan (RJ) Wetherill
       Son of Anna Secrist and Joshua Wetherill
Abraham Wishna
       Son of Victor and Annie Wishna

Maya Arielle Parmet
       Daughter of David and Mindy Parmet
Geoffrey Abrams
       Son of Stephen and Mara Abrams
Andrew Joseph Flekier
       Son of Steve and Milisa Flekier
Gilli Micah Gerson
       Son of Jeffry and Karen Gerson
Jed Morris Linafelt
       Son of Tom Linafelt and Julia Shapiro
Forrest Jacobs
       Son of Tom Jacobs and Barb Jacobs
Emma Jacobson
       Daughter of Beth Jacobson
Madeline Bell
       Daughter of Brian and Sheri Bell
Max Gershon
       Son of Danny and Dayna Gershon
Sydney Glickman
       Daughter of Thomas and Pamela Glickman
Avi Silverberg
       Son of Shawn Silverberg and Jennifer Conoley
Maya Coppaken
       Daughter of Todd and Celine Coppaken
Melanie Hertzfeld
       Daughter of Bruce and Lori Hertzfield
Shira Pellegrino
       Daughter of Vincent and Marcy Pellegrino
Emma Sandler
       Daughter of Jeremy Sandler and Deb Sandler
Nathaniel Spiegel
       Son of Aaron and Jennifer Spiegel
Aaron Yurman
       Son of Ron Yurman and Allison Berey
Ben Fine
       Son of Steven and Beatrice Fine
Melanie Schwartz
       Daughter of Neal and Dana Schwartz
Leah Sherry
       Daughter of Michael and Beth Sherry
Noah Tarjan
      Son of Aaron Tarjan and Elizabeth Willen
Ellie Glickman
       Daughter of Rabbi David and Annie Glickman
Emma Rosenthal
       Daughter of Daniel and Janna Rosenthal
Nathan Rose
       Son of Mark and Julye Rose

Congrats to our Graduates!

Jacob Gold     
Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy   
Son of Brodie and Danielle Gold

Maya Arielle Parmet 
Blue Valley North  
Daughter of  David and Mindy Parmet

Shir-el Rudnick         
Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy               
Daughter of Jonathan Rudnick

Geoffrey Abrams       
Blue Valley North  
Son of Mara and Stephen Abrams

Andrew Joseph Flekier          
Blue Valley North  
Son of Steve and Milisa Flekier

 Gilli Micah Gerson
Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy   
Son of Jeffry and Karen Gerson

Jed Morris Linafelt
Blue Valley North  
Son of Tom Linafelt and Julia Shapiro

Forrest Jacobs
Blue Valley North  
Son of Tom and Barb Jacobs

Emma Jacobson         
Blue Valley North  
Daughter of Beth Jacobson

Audrey Brand
Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy   
Daughter of Elliot Brand

Uri Re’em      
Blue Valley High   
Son of Eran and Yael Re’em

Madeline Bell
Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy   
Daughter of Brian and Sheri Bell

Max Gershon   
Blue Valley North  
Son of Danny and Dayna Gershon

Sydney Glickman      
Blue Valley North        
Daughter of Thomas and Pamela Glickman

Stefanie Misler Williams

On Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 our Executive Director, Stef Williams, was an Honoree at the Emtza USY 70th Alumni Gala. Your honor is well deserved and we are so proud of you!

Natalie Eleanor Cotton

Neal and Sarah Cotton of Denver, CO are thrilled to announce the birth of their first child, Natalie Eleanor on December 9th.  Nechama Yocheved’s proud grandparents are Jeff and Corrine Blackman of Overland Park, KS, Mark Cotton of Philadelphia, PA, and Charlene Dorfman Ilkowitz and Michael Ilkowitz of East Brunswick, NJ.


Eric Poe, 2021 Chatan Bereishit

Eric Poe grew up mostly in the KC area. He joined Beth
Shalom in the mid-90s where he and his wife, Helaine Cohn,
were married a few years later. Both he and his wife were
members of Tefillah 2000 and the inaugural adult b’nei mitzvah
class. Eric is a Board Member, serves on the Ritual Committee,
is part of the Rising Song group, is a Zoom Minyan regular,
and serves as a tech advisor for the synagogue. He is also
studying Talmud as part of the 14th cycle of the worldwide
Daf Yomi project. Eric graduated from UMKC with a Bachelor
of Information Technology degree. He is a team manager and
software developer. He is an ambassador for CoderDojoKC, an
organization that teaches children how to program computers,
and for Kansas City Women in Technology, an organization
that supports and mentors local women in various technology
fields. He and his wife are raising two daughters, Hannah and
Rachel. Hannah is currently studying for her bat mitzvah in

Connie Simon, 2021 Kallat Torah

Connie Simon has been a member of Beth Shalom since
1992. Since becoming a member, Connie has served on both
the Beth Shalom Board of Directors and the Board of
Directors for Sisterhood, where Connie is the Co-Chair and
Treasurer of the Gift Shop. Connie has also served as High
Holiday Appeal Co-Chair, Torah Fund Co-Chair, Torah
Fund Treasurer and Sisterhood Vice President of Education.
Connie has also served on many Blue Valley School
committees, the PTA & PTO Boards at Cottonwood Point
Elementary, Oxford Middle School and BVNW High
School and volunteered for Federation, NCJW and KCUSY.
Connie grew up in St. Louis at Shaare Zedek (Kol Rhina)
where she was President of SZUSY. After high school,
Connie attended Emory University in Atlanta where she
earned BA’s in Psychology & Sociology. Connie worked in
medical research, grant writing and administration and,
after moving to Kansas City, worked as a Senior Coordinator
and Research Associate for the KU Cancer Center. Connie
has been a teacher at the Beth Shalom Preschool since 2006,
where she loves helping young children discover and learn.
Connie has been married to her husband Richard for 30 years
and they are the proud parents of two children, Benjamin and
Elie, both alumni of Beth Shalom Preschool.

Happy 75th Birthday Bill and Marge Scholsberg!

In honor of their 75th Birthdays, Bill and Marge Scholsberg are inviting you to celebrate with them with a boxed lunch kiddush on July 17, 2021.


Nora Pearl and Jack Finn Goldberg

Hannah Harris and Jerry Enslein are thrilled to announce the birth of their twin grandchildren, Nora Pearl and Jack Finn. The proud parents are Sarah Mandel and Ilan Goldberg and the big brother is Remy Goldberg, of Baltimore, Maryland.

Congrats to our 2021 Graduates! We are so proud of you! 

Ezri Oliver Heisler

Ezri Oliver was born on February 24, 2021. He is the son of Elena and Ben Heisler, and brother of Micah Leo Heisler. 

Wishing Bobbi Arenson a very Happy 91st Birthday on December 12, 2021! 

Sophie Andrea Silver

Sophie Andrea Silver was born on November 20, 2020. She is the daughter of Renee Polsky Silver and Lawrence Silver, and the sister of Nathan and Elaine Silver. Sophie is the grand daughter of Larry and Ellen Polsky, and Sarene Silver, Jack Jagoda and Ken Silver.

Dr. Laura Fromm Kantor & Mr. Josh Kantor

Laura Stephanie Fromm and Josh J. Kantor were married Saturday, Aug. 23, 2020, at Rosehill Gardens. It was a small, socially distanced outdoor ceremony with just the bride and groom’s closest family members and friends. All other guests and bridal party that could not attend joined via livestream. 

Congratulations to Hanan Hammer, Chatan Torah, and Miles Ross, Chatan Bereishit, as they will be honored as 2020 Congregation Beth Shalom volunteers. 

2020-2021 KCUSY Board Members Installation

Dr. Stacy Handler Elkon & Dr. Jacob Elkon

Mazal Tov to Gabrielle and Michael Handler on the marriage of their daughter. Dr. Stacy Handler and Dr. Jacob Elkon were married on July 5, 2020 in Newport, RI, before a gathering of 25. The local Providence Rabbi officiated, reading some remarks prepared by Rabbi Alan Cohen.  

We are excited to announce that Stefanie Williams was chosen to become Beth Shalom’s new Executive Director! 

Congregation Beth Shalom would like to congratulate the Class of 2020. We are so proud of all the hard work it took to see this day come and wish you well on your journeys ahead! 

Madeline Abrams-Daughter of Stephen and Mara Abrams
Addison Brand-Son of Elliot Brand and Jasmine Jacobs Kaplan
Eli Cohavi-Son of Melanie Cohavi and David Cohavi
Hannah Cole-Daughter of Brian and Karen Cole
Gavi Glickman-Son of Rabbi David and Annie Glickman
Mirra Goldenberg-Daughter of Jeffrey Goldenberg
River Hennick-Daughter of Elizabeth Hennick
Halle Hurst-Daughter of Richard and Lisa Hurst
Daniel Rose-Son of Mark and Julye Rose
Sara Saidel-Daughter of Hazzan Tahl Ben-Yehuda and Eric Saidel
Gabrielle Scicchitano-Daughter of Zvia Zadock and Frank Scicchitano
Jeff Soloman-Son of Max and Julie Soloman
Jack Ullman-Son of Lee and Susan Ullman
Brady Wordsworth-Son of Jeffrey and Jamie Wordsworth
Jack Zwillenberg-Son of Joseph and Julie Zwillenberg

Gavi Wolff Berman

Rabbi Courtney and Jeffrey Berman announce the birth of their son, Gavi Wolff, on February 14, 2020. His big brother is Micah. The very proud grandparents are Judy Jacks Berman and Steve Berman. 

Amy Schultz was unanimously selected as the 2019-2020 Beth Shalom Sisterhood Past Presidents’ Leadership Recognition Award Honoree.

Lennon Eloise Meklir

Sara and Derek Meklir of Los Angeles proudly announce the birth of their second daughter, Lennon Eloise, born Dec 26, 2019; big sister is Micah Linda. Sara is formerly of Prairie Village, Kansas. Grandparents are Allen and Susan Lebovitz, Sam Meklir and the late Linda Meklir of Detroit. Great grandparents are Kate Lebovitz and the late Eugene
Lebovitz. Lennon Eloise is named after her maternal great grandfather and paternal grandmother. 

Devin Noah Sher

Rachel Ann and Stephen Scott Sher of Culver City, California announce the birth of their son, Devin Noah Sher, on September 18, 2019. Grandparents are Linda House and the late Harold J. House of Overland Park, Kansas, Denise Sher of Oceanside, California and Michael and Julie Sher of Shanghai, China. Great grandparents are Susan Sher of Perris, California and Philip Gianni of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Great grandparents of blessed memory are Isidor and Rose House of Kansas City, and Kenneth Sher of Perris, California, and the late Samuel and Jean Rogozenski z”l. 

Kobi Zev Fine

Kobi Zev Fine was born on December 27, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. He
is the son of Katja Edelman and Ari Fine and the grandson of
Debbie Sosland-Edelman and Alan Edelman and Renee and Howard
Fine. He is the great grandson of Blanche and Neil Sosland and the late
Dr. William and Doris Edelman. Kobi was warmly welcomed by his big
sister Noa Dorit Fine.

Ross Simchat Banot

On November 30, 2019 the Ross Cousins had their Baby Naming in Goldsmith Hall. The girls are the granddaughters of Miles and Sally Ross. 

Congratulations to Ernie Rosenthal, Chatan Torah, and Amy Schultz, Kallat Bereishit, as they will be honored as 2019 Congregation Beth Shalom volunteers.

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