Engaging Those in Need

Chesed is Hebrew for loving-kindness. The Beth Shalom Chesed Committee performs activities to recognize and help congregants and their families during a time of need. Chesed initiatives include:

  • Delivering a gift or personal visit on selected Jewish holidays to congregants who are nursing home residents or homebound.
  • Providing a visit, card or phone call to congregants who have recently lost a loved one.
  • Recognizing a newborn or congregant by planting a tree in Israel in their honor.
  • Visiting congregants when hospitalized and following up with cards or phone calls following their discharge.

We encourage family members and friends to notify the synagogue ritual office to initiate these visits and acts of chesed. Please contact the Ritual Coordinator.

Your generous donations to the Beth Shalom Chesed Committee Fund help to make it possible for our congregation to participate in this mitzvah.

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