Creating a Jewish Legacy

Financial Assurance for the Future

Mazel tov to our Planned Giving Committee and todah rabah to those who have stepped forward to help ensure that our congregation will be here to meet the social, spiritual and educational needs of our congregational families for many generations to come.   If you would like to invest in the future of Beth Shalom with a bequest or other planned gift, Planned Giving Committee Chair.

Some History

1878… An Auspicious Year

1878 – First telephone is installed in the White House; Tzaichovsky’s 4th Symphony in F premieres; Edison Electric Light Company makes electricity available for household use; US mint introduces the silver dollar. Russian and Polish immigrants establish Congregation Keneseth Israel, the ancestor of our own Beth Shalom.

Communications, music, technology and US currency have evolved tremendously over nearly a century and half, and so has our own Beth Shalom. Who can even imagine what our synagogue will look like 150 years from now?

While we may not be able to predict the future, we can help secure it financially with a planned gift to our synagogue.  Since 2007, Beth Shalom has partnered with the Jewish Community Foundation and its Bushman Community Endowment program to secure nearly 60 commitments for future gifts that are estimated to be worth more than $3 million in permanent resources for our synagogue.

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Abrams

Mr. Michael J. Abrams

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Azorsky

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Baker

Dorothy Freiden Baraban

Bernice and Saul Baum*

Irene Bettinger

Dr. and Mrs. Fred S. Bodker

Mr. Harvey S. Bodker

Stanley Bushman

Rabbi and Mrs. Alan L. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Coppaken

Ms. Rita M. Cortes

Debbie* and Gary Cortes

Arthur and Diane Federman

Robert Feldman

Selma Dreiseszun

Paul Flam*

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fromm

Phillip Gershon

Ronald and Susan Goldsmith

Rachel Krantz and Edward Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Goldstein (Carol)

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin* F. Goldstein (Adelle)

Mrs. Shirley R. Gottstein

Robert and Evie Grant

Mrs. Berenice Haberman

Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Haith

Mr. and Mrs. Hanan Hammer


Mr. Marc B. Hammer and Ms. Alana R. Muller

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Hershman

Dr. Norman Kahn and Ms. B.D. Winyard

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kaseff

Mr. Barry F. Kaseff

Mr. Harold Kaseff and Mrs. Rhea Salasche-Kaseff

Marlene* and Stanley Katz

Dr. and Mrs. Kurt Kavanaugh

Jason and Andrea Krakow

Mrs. Miriam Krantz*

Ms. Rachel B. Krantz

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lessner

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pakula

Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Paul

Mr. Edward S. Rose

Susan and Ernie Rosenthal

Miles and Sally Ross

Ms. Rhea Salasche-Kaseff

Mr. and Mrs Ron Schikevitz

Gloria Rosenbloom Schlesinger

William and Marge Schlosberg

Drs. Daniel L. and Vivien Schlozman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simon

Beth K. Smith*

Sosland Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart M. Stein

Sue and Joel* Vile

Mrs. Susan Zale

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zwillenberg

*of blessed memory

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