Beth Shalom Foundation

We are blessed that many years ago, the leadership of our synagogue established THE BETH SHALOM FOUNDATION, with the purpose of endowing the perpetuation of our congregation. 

We are tasked with the responsibility of determining how the funds should be invested and how they should be allocated. In addition, we are responsible for encouraging our members to make gifts to the foundation.

Additionally, Beth Shalom, with the assistance of the Jewish Community Foundation, has established a LEGACY GIFT program. We currently have more than 50 families that have created Legacy gifts.  

Many years ago, the Foundation responded to a request from the congregation’s Board of Directors to allocate 5% of our funds each year to the General Fund of the congregation to assist in covering operational expenses. This allocation does not include funds that are designated for the Cemetery and Scholarship Funds. Additionally, the foundation will  fund specific projects often times for the replacement or addition of equipment or repairs for our building.

We have 43 funds that were created by our members. Each of these funds grow through donations that are allocated to the specific fund. Often times the donations are for memorials, honors and tributes. Each November information on each of these funds is distributed to the party that was designated at the time of the fund creation.

To discuss the Foundation, please contact the President of the Beth Shalom Foundation here.   

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